Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee worries about long term openness of scientific advice to Government

Thee House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has published its first report on the use of scientific advice to government in the COVID19 crisis ( This looks at the evolution of structures for transmitting and discussing scientific advice in government, but worries about the longer-term openness of this process. They say (p.18):

“…it remains unclear—in the long term—what role the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) will play, and—as alluded to by the Government Chief Scientific Adviser—how organisations such as the Joint Biosecurity Centre will provide a solution to the provision of science advice to Government in the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. We are concerned that at the present time the operation of the Joint Biosecurity Centre and the advice that it gives is not fully transparent. The Government, whatever organisational structures it decides upon, should commit to publishing the scientific advice it receives unless there are matters of national security.”

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